Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Financial Infographic - Using Compound Growth to Grow Wealth

The second in our three part infographic series developed to help investors understand the underlying concepts behind financial and investment analysis.  These same basic concepts and equations have been used by Verdasis to develop unique financial analysis software to more effectively manage complex personal or institutional investment portfolios using data readily available from financial statements, the market as well as beta and macro-economic data.  Our software enables investors to run their own ratios, regressions and equations or to simply use financial analysis models to obtain immediate results.

The infographic identifies two key equations of wealth, the balance sheet equation of Assets – Liabilities = Equity, which we call the wealth equation and the wealth growth equation, which calculates equity growth over time. The latter equation is equal to the sum of the weighted averages of asset growth and liability growth. According to the infographic, both equations impact wealth and individuals can alter their wealth profile by understanding and adjusting the constituent parts. Improving either equation will deliver positive results, but enhancing both will greatly increase compound growth.

personal financial implications of growth infographic

Let us know how you manage wealth and calculate compound growth.


  1. Compound interest is the best solution to get more on what has been invested.. Beside saving investing at the right place is essential.

  2. Thank you Retta! You are exactly right. The exponential function, and by extension, compound interest, is considered by some to be the most powerful force on Earth.

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